Ceramicspeed UFO Drivetrain Chain Cleaner 500ml


Product description Ceramicspeed UFO Drivetrain Chain Cleaner 500ml

UFO Drivetrain Cleaner 500ml:
– Introducing the newly expanded UFO Drip range of bottled wax chain lubricants. Our acclaimed UFO Drip Chain Coating has been updated to be known as UFO Drip All Conditions. Now, in a new, smaller bottle size and an optimized formula that has a crisp white appearance while applying, that virtually disappears once fully dry. For those riding in consistently wet conditions, our new UFO Drip for Wet Conditions has been uniquely developed to maximize the benefits of a wax chain lubricant, while resisting deteriorating through wet riding conditions. To complete the UFO Drip family, we have developed UFO Drip for Indoor. Wax chain coatings have multiple benefits, but also have a tendency to shed excess surface wax after initial application. With UFO Drip for Indoor, the balance of wax to friction modifiers has been adjusted to maximize efficiency in clean conditions with minimal surface buildup.

Note: Non-toxic and biodegradable drivetrain cleaner in an easy to use spray bottle.

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